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Florida Highway Patrol is looking for your help if you have any information about a shooting that happened just after midnight on the Howard Frankland Bridge, according to the Tampa Bay Times. A 40 year old man and 47 year old woman from Clearwater were heading to Tampa on the northbound side of the bridge. Sometime around 12:30am, the Times reports shots were fired from a black car.

Both riders were injured and taken to the hospital. No further word on their condition. But if you have any information to share that might help investigators piece together what happened, you’re asked to call Florida Highway Patrol at 813-558-1800. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

10 Things To Know About The New Howard Frankland Bridge

You’ve no doubt seen the work being done in the water along the southbound side of the Howard Frankland Bridge. When will the new bridge be ready? How many lanes will there be? Will you really be able to bike across? And what’s this about tolls? The Tampa Bay Times offered up this overview of what’s to come for commuters between Tampa and St. Pete. [Source: TBT]

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