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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

There was a time Shriner got pulled over and the end result showed that there was a glitch in the system. Something in the system for one of the counties showed that Shriner’s licensing situation wasn’t up to speed, and it landed Shriner in court. When he showed up he showed the officer his paperwork proving he was never in violation, and they sent him on his way without having to see a judge or explain himself further. Before he left, he was told, “sorry, it happens all the time”. If it happens all the time, the fix the glitch!

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Marc Charles has worked in Radio and Media since 2005. Marc has been active in media in Detroit, Ohio, Canada, and Florida. When he's not blogging for Money Talk Radio, he covers UFC and Boxing at big events, and with his weekly radio show The Octagram. Follow Marc on social media @MarcCharlesMMA & @TheOctagramMMA.