Dave Ramsey

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Dave takes a call from Don from Seattle, and Don is a new business owner with one Employee. He is having trouble being firm and being compassionate with his employee’s viewpoints. Issues have been arising with drama outweighs the product that employee produces. This employee was great the first month, but now that they are 6 months in, things are getting worse. Dave recalls a time when he, too, was in the same spot as Don. He empathizes with him about wanting to do right by the employee and become a better leader in the process. Dave says that being from the south, he was more tolerant of things that he shouldn’t have been, which led him to many frustrations. Dave lets Ron know that you have to be clear to be kind.

Ron explains that he is trying his best to look at it through the eyes of his employee, that he remembers what it’s like to be much younger. However, Ron says that his employee’s viewpoints lead to being a victim, which Dave explains that he doesn’t hire people like that, only people who make their own Destiny. Dave explains people with the “Victim” mindset whine and wants everything handed to them. Dave loves millennials for this, though, because you have some that work hard and others that are worthless. He explains that Ron has a bad hire in this situation, that his values don’t align with his company. Therefore this is a sign of moving on.