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Investor’s Edge with Gary Kaltbaum


U.S. President Joe Biden

Gary Kaltbaum says that he has lost all the bias he has ever had regarding politics these days. Stating that with leaders these days, everyone is under the impression that they all suck. Referring to the current debt of the national leaders has pushed us into $29 Trillion into debt with plans to spend even more. Gary believes that if we focused that debt on real poverty, we wouldn’t have any. He then breaks down the amount of extra spending on lobbyists, committees that create committees, and staff hires that are just family, and the questions of why we still have poverty.

Gary states this distrust is those same leaders doing, that they have earned our distrust. However, Gary states that both political factions have led us to this debt crisis rather than blame one side.  Under Trump, Gary explains, the Republicans continued to spend well outside their budgets and, despite this, still follow the Former President. Citing their thought process on how bad the Democrats were even though they had trillion-dollar deficits, it was okay to be under Trump.  Gary doesn’t believe that Joe Biden was elected President, that, in fact, we have a Marxist in the white house because all the policies are the leftover pieces from Bernie Sanders’s (D) policies.

Federal Debt Chart referred to by Gary Kaultbam.

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