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Schnitt asks producer Sue if she has heard anything new about Phil Valentine, a Nashville Conservative Radio talk host. Schnitt says he was anti-vaccine, but now that he has contracted Covid, he wishes he hadn’t been against it. Schnitt tells of people in his talk radio Circles that for some reason thought they had to be Anti-Vaccine because the Liberals and Democrats were pushing it. Schnitt wonders how it got politicized and doubles down that it is patriotic to be Vaccinated. Schnitt believes that those who are spreading misinformation or just outright choosing not to be vaccinated are slowing down the country’s progress.

Schnitt gets back to Sue for the update from Super Talk 99.7 WWTN; Phil’s family is asking for prayers as Phil has requested to be on a ventilation system so he can get much-needed rest. Phil’s family states that they are confident that he will pull through. Schnitt wishes him well and hopes people are sick enough to attack Phil for being in talk radio and against vaccines. Schnitt knows there are sickos out there that that believe Phil shouldn’t recover for his stance on vaccines and doesn’t want that at all. Schnitt says talk radio can be both destructive and beneficial,  that some of the Big Wigs that run radio are listening to the loud voices that complain about even his positions. He knows of people that jumped on the unvaccinated train because it was more pro-Trump.


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