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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

(Photo by Sergei SavostyanovTASS via Getty Images)

Shriner says that the media should stop reporting about COVID-19 cases. The data, Shriner says, is not being collected. He is angry because they are claiming that the deaths from covid are from the unvaccinated. However, they are not testing for that. Shriner mocks the media, saying, “There is information to be had, but we are not gonna look at those numbers. We don’t want to know what they are.” According to Shriner, 25 states update their counts every day, while some are doing it randomly. But some states, including Florida, do not at all, according to the Kaiser Foundation.

Shriner believes that they are mostly unbiased but detects hints of political biases in the study. He then reads from the article titled “Covid-19 Vaccine Data From the States”. The article states the vaccines are highly effective in preventing the severity of the disease, and there are a few breakout cases that people have contracted Covid-19. Some of them have been hospitalized and even died. Shriner reads hospitals have stopped recording these breakthrough cases because it could cause Vaccine hesitancy. The CDC has stopped these actions since May 1st.


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