Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

Shriner is a guest on Experience Tampa Bay in Ten Minutes or Less with Roxane Wilder from Q105 FM. Being a resident of Saint Petersburg, he has a few of its best hotspots for you to check out. He believes you can do them all in one day, but you better be prepared to move fast. Maybe you want to start your day with a drink, then Shriner suggest you head on down to Beach Drive. There are plenty of great shops and restaurants for you to explore. His favorite is Flute and Dram, where you can sit outside and enjoy some of its signature Champagne or whiskey. Afterward, you are thinking of walk around the waterfront and see some art. Well, if you are down for a bit of a walk, you can visit the Dalí Museum, which is right off the water. Inside, you can find the largest art collection of famed artist Salvador Dalí available to the public.

Nearby, back towards downtown proper, towards 1st Avenue either North or South. There is an abundance of shops and restaurants you can stick your head into. Looking for a special gift, many shops offer a local and very unique selection. Clothes, accessories, you name it, there is a shop for you to find that perfect item. Maybe by now, you’re getting hungry for dinner. Shriners wants you to visit one of his favorite places, Gratzzi Italian Grille. What does Shriner recommend? The Bada Bing, where they bring you an entire wheel of cheese, make a sauce in the wheel of cheese and serve it on your plate. Shriners is eating his way through the menu, one item at a time. Ready for some live music? Well, Shriner has you covered. Around the corner on 3rd Street, you will find Ruby’s Elixer. Live music 7 nights a week with an open dance floor for you to enjoy. And if you are the person to enjoy a cigar, grab one from the connected store Central Cigars.

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