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Ronil of Californa writes into the Ramsey Show, and his question is: Should I quit my job and Travel? Ronil and his wife have $300 thousand in Mortgage but have about $500 in retirement funds. They also have maintained about $700 in equity of their current home. However, they have lost their drive for their careers and plan on taking 6 months off to travel, or worst case, just quit.  Ranil and his wife are wondering if they are unwise. Ken Coleman, a regular co-host on the show, says yes because they are restless. Unfortunately, being restless leads to making bad financial situations. Ken can’t stress enough that you are walking a dangerous line if you quit without having something to go to.

Dave agrees with Ken calling it escapism. His suggestions for the Ronil family are to sell the house and change careers. Dave tells them that their plan sucks. Instead, Dave encourages them to take their vacation time and use that to travel. Spend some money, but don’t go wild and definitely do not quit your job to travel. Ken suggests finding someone in a new career path you admire. Ask them the good, the bad, and the ugly about everything they do. Dave and Ken want people to look inward and do some soul searching. It doesn’t require traveling to find a new path, and you don’t risk losing as much.


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