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Gloves (dress, garden, leather, work), bicycle helmets (youth), hunting vests, fishing vests (non-floatation)

Despite everything, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties are back to School, and Shriner is excited about it. Hillsborough is back on the 10th, followed by Pinellas on the 11th. Shriner’s guest today Tai Carr has a great event for all families to get back to school supplies. Tai is a Tampa native and USF Grad. H loves kids and wants to empower them to do great things. So getting together with local sponsors, he created the “Kids are the Future” back-to-school event. It is to help low-income, financially unstable families get supplies they need for their children. Tai’s goal is to let the kids and parents relax, so they need to be worried about academics. Shriner is excited about this whole thing, especially the barbers Tai has recruited to give every kid a fresh haircut going into class. Furthermore, Tai has found a way to help provide school uniforms that meet the different regulations.

Tai has over 100 backpacks to give out as well as some fun and entertainment at the event. Bounce houses, snow cones, and more are ready for the kids to relax and enjoy while parents relax and get the supplies. Tai went and gathered the most common items for students for all grades, from Kindergarten to College. Shriner is ecstatic about this even and gets the details for you. This event will be held this Saturday from 12-4 at Light House Forever Free Church in Ybor City. Items are first come, first served, but Tai notes that Haircuts parents must be present during the cut. This is an inside and outside event. Inside is where you will get your supplies, and outside the bounce house, the organization will hold raffles. Tai is ready to see the smiles of children as they get their supplies and haircuts. For those worried about Covid, Tai has arranged to have a mask handed out as you arrive.


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