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Schnitt takes a question from a Twitter follower who wants to know how Schnitt feels about Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell is apparently running a Cyber Symposium happening this month. Schnitt lays it out that he is just chasing the voter fraud claims with zero evidence. Schnitt says Mike is just whipping out generic images Computer Meta-data codes that don’t prove anything. Schnitt lays it out that it’s not that it proves nothing. Schnitt believes he has fallen off the wagon again with his erratic behavior.

Mike Lindell has apparently walked away from FOX news due to them not running his commercial for the symposium. Their reasoning is because of misinformation. Schnitt tells him its bat “Schnitt” crazy claims since nothing has come out or brought forth yet. Schnitt claims that if any of this put Biden in office, it would have come out by now. Schnitt knows that the resources available would keep anything from being hidden. According to Schnitt, the problem with Mike Lindell, Rudy Guliani, and others is they have gone crazy. So crazy even former President Trump has disavowed them.  Schnitt just thinks it’s a joke.

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