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Shriner has been warned about the information he is sharing. That it needs to be from a reliable source. Shriner has a pretty lengthy article from Mike Rowe, which can be found on Tampa Bay Today’s Facebook Page.  Shriner stresses that he wants you to do what’s best for you. The original article from Johnathan V. Last puts Mike Rowe on blast. In it, Johnathan claims Mike Rowe is Anti-Vax. This, however, is wrong, Shriner States as Mike had gotten the vaccine as soon as it was available. Furthermore, Mike has praised the vaccine as the greatest medical achievement in modern history. Shriner encourages readers to look at Mike’s article as he reads its excerpts.

Shriner states that many people who were afraid of the vaccine got the vaccine because they were more afraid of Covid-19. He presses it further that they are pushing that those who are dying in hospitals are those unvaccinated. Shriner is made at medical professionals and the current administration because they have not urged those who are vaccinated tested when they get sick. Shriner recalls Dr. Fauci saying weeks ago that you are just as much a spreader if you are vaccinated. however, Shriner is worried that more people are willing to tell others what to do than have them ask questions. He asks if you want your children to go to school and accept everything as fact or question.

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