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Shriner and Pat discuss a recent story regarding Florida Schools. The article states that parents will be given vouchers to private schools if their district enforces a mask policy. Many people were questioning how this was gonna play out with the divide between the choice. However, the Florida Board of Education decided last week, right before most schools returned this week. This move has taken school funding from public schools and allocated it to private institutions. This has many School Boards up in arms against Desantis, feeling he hasn’t done enough to protect the children. Shriner believes that parents want to do what’s best for their children and other parents who want what’s best for other children. Shriner questions if the mask were since the virus is microscopic and may not even do much good.

Desantis has stipulated that schools who defy the executive order could lose their funding and the School Board their salaries. Shriner states that Ron Desantis is trying to give power to the parents by cutting out the middle man. Shriner questions if the business of Tampa or St Pete are in the same thought process as Democratic Leaders. He says this because he is positive you would see more mask mandates in local businesses. The big difference between Schools and businesses right now is that. But even in the future, Shriner reminds you that some owners could require you to wear a mask. Many School Districts want to comply with CDC Guidelines and ignore the executive order by Ron Desantis. Governor Desantis says there are many potential consequences for those who break the law. He believes in protecting the parent’s rights. Governor Desantis has also protected the Teachers by penalizing School Boards to defy the Executive Order.

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