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Mallory from Los Angeles calls in to The Dave Ramsey Show, and her question is about her father. Mallory’s father has been dating a woman from Ukraine and sent money to her before the pandemic when he lost his job. He has since picked up a job driving for people but still sends money to Ukraine. He recently purchased a car for her as well. Malory needs advice from Dave on how to see that he may be in trouble on the horizon. Dave agrees that there is a problem with his financial situation but questions if her Dad has ever met the woman. Malory says her dad sees the mystery woman at least 3 times a year. Dave believes it’s a case of being lonely and getting stupid. Mallory and Dave agree it really feels like a scam.

Malory is worried because even though she feels it’s a scam, her dad believes it to be real. However, if she says anything, she may ruin the relationship she has with her dad. Dave says the warning signs are there, especially with buying a new car for her. Dave says this scam has been around for years. Dave knows it, though, advising your parents though even when parents are going crazy. He says that it’s not even in just matters of money. It could be drugs, sex, or anything. Dave asks if Mallory’s dad has anyone he would listen to. She sadly admits they have all said the same thing she has and pushed them away. However, she has decided to support in going the opposite direction they have. Dave slams this idea saying you shouldn’t support stupidity. It causes more harm than good. Furthermore, he suggests not being nasty but being level and honest with him.

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