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David from Pennsylvania writes into the Dave Ramsey show. David wants to buy a house but according to his neighbor who is a realtor David must have a credit score for a mortgage. Inspired by Dave Ramsey’s advice David decided to not get a credit card but pay with straight cash. His question for Dave is: Should I establish credit to get a home of my own? George Kamel, a frequent co-host of the show, has great news for David. George in fact bought his house without the use of a credit score. He was able to get one without paying cash or needing a credit score. George states a common misconception that you have to have a credit score for this, but Ramsey Solutions is partnered with a Mortgage company that offers just that.

George breaks down the work he had to do to get his house. First, he had to look up three separate utility payments. Water Electric even the county garbage fees anything to show the average cost of living. Secondly, grab some W2s. George states that they need to have some proof that you are gainfully employed. Once he had all that he hit upload to the company and waited. Dave is impressed that they didn’t even try to verify his employment. He does not remember receiving any calls about Georges’s employment status. George remembers people making a big deal about credit and that based on his success it can be done. You do not need a credit score to buy a home.


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