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Now 40, Brady holds the record for most playoff victories by a quarterback with 25 wins and has appeared in the most playoff games of any NFL player in any position. He has started a record 34 playoff games, and that number is seemingly only going to grow—the man apparently doesn’t age!

Shriner host his open mic segment, and this time it’s for Jeff Kamis of a local PDQ and the Best Buddies program. Jeff is helping the Best Buddies program all month and wants everyone to help support it. Stop by any PDQ location in the state of Florida, and you can round up your check or make a donation. The best part is 100% of all the proceeds go to the Best Buddies Program. What are the Best Buddies, you may ask? Best Buddies is a program that aids people with intellectual and developmental disabilities get hired and even take on Leadership opportunities in the workforce. The program helps over 100,000 just in Florida alone.

Now for the payoff with Tom Brady. Tom Brady has been working with the Best Buddies Program for over 20 years. He was, at one point in time, was honorary Co-Chair and a Global Ambassador. Currently, he is heading a license plate campaign for Best Buddies. Right now, you can pre-purchase a new license plate for 35$ and help reach the goal of 3,000 presale vouchers. The License plate features Tampa Bay’s favorite GOAT Quarterback prepped to throw the next winning touchdown. Best of all, you can make out-of-state fans jealous because the license plate is only available to Florida Residents.



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