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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 12: The CNN sign is seen outside its headquarters November 12, 2002 in New York City. The proposed merger between CNN and Walt Disney Co.'s ABC News is progressing and could reach an agreement on principle by January, according to negotiators close to the deal.

The State Dept has had a recent presser, and according to them, over 6,000 people will soon be on airplanes leaving Afghanistan. Reporters have not been holding back and showing their frustration with the current administration. First off, Schnitt states that we complain a lot about the mainstream media, but right now, they are on fire. They are actively doing their jobs and holding the Biden Administrations’ handling of Afghanistan to the fire. Actively calling out Joe Biden, and to make matters worst, even CNN has called Joe Biden a liar.

Schnitt has been watching Fox News, knowing what it will consist of, but when he flips over to CNN, MSNBC, or others like them, it’s a new world. First, however, Schnitt says that MSNBC is still trying to ask tough questions, still trying to protect the current administration. Thankfully though, no one is pulling their punches. Secondly, Schnitt talks about how CNN is actually really fair to the President. They have managed to ask the questions and display the cruelty needed to handle the pull-out.  What really has Schnitt going wild is how the mainstream media is coming off the Joe Biden bandwagon, at least on the Afghanistan issue. Finally, Schnitt applauds the media for holding them accountable.

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