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We recently have had the death of Dick Farrel, a long-time South Florida Talk Show host. Dick was very anti-mask anti-vax, and when he caught Covid-19, he died. One of the last things Dick said was he wished he had the vaccine. Sadly radio has lost another big name as Phil Valentine, whom Schnitt covered earlier this month, has passed. He truly believed that his chances of contracting and dying from the virus were less than 1%. Saturday, the radio station Phil broadcasted from put out the news via Twitter that he had passed. Schnitt really wanted them both to get better and wishes their family the best as they deal with their loss.

Both Phil and Dick spent many hours urging people not to get vaccinated. Phil, however, believed that those with underlying health conditions should get the vaccine or high risk. Schnitt had read that it was more than just the Covid Vaccine that Phil was hesitant of. This has been common with many hosts on the anti-vax side. They strike out and are pushing for many not to get it as well as trying experimental things. July 11th, when Phil was diagnosed with Covid, he promised his listeners he would be back and that he would be changing his stance on the vax. The common factor to most of these issues is that each one has regretted not getting the vaccine. Schnitt wishes that Phil and Dick both can rest in peace.

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