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Schnitt believes that some of the most disturbing things about the Afghanistan withdrawal are: The Taliban have drawn a red line for the President, and the total botch job of Afghanistan this close to the anniversary of9/11. Firstly the Taliban have been making many threats against the US if they miss the August 31 deadline put in place by President Biden.  They are essentially pushing us around, just outright poking us in the chest. Schnitt is worried about how this will make us look on the world stage even more so to future terrorist groups. The Taliban has stated if we miss the pull-out date, there will be repercussions. Biden has been botching everything and bowing down to the Taliban.

Moving on, Schnitt is even more upset about how close we are to the 20th anniversary of 9/11. This is a major milestone, not that every year hasn’t been, but it is significant. Schnitt remembers the day and what it did to him and the country and believes it’s still a reminder of the world’s evils. However, with the current administration rolling over to the demands of the terrorist group, it seems to be a slap in the face of the event. 20 years should be a significant milestone, and it’s marred by the handling of the Taliban, leaving a shadow on the event. Schnitt equates it to a sword hanging over our heads. Furthermore, he also states that the symbolism shows the world we are weak, and we will soon see a rise in other terrorist groups.

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