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Much to most people’s surprise, Schnitt states, we have the demeanor in both the House and the Senate of someone with zero ambition. Senate Minority Leader (SML) has recently stated that there is no way they will be able to impeach President Biden over the withdrawal of Afghanistan. However, Schnitt states that several prominent Senators have come out publicly over this issue. This includes Senator Hawley (MO), Graham (SC), who not only asked Biden to resign but have pushed hard for articles of impeachment.

Schnitt reports on SML McConnell’s recent briefing that there isn’t going to be an impeachment.  Schnitt knows that McConnell is not rushing to the Presidents defense. No, he is stating it would be impossible with the amount of Democrat-held votes in both the House and Senate. Furthermore, Schnitt does the math, and even with all the votes from every Republican, it would be impossible. Regardless of the margins being razor-thin, the articles wouldn’t make it through the House. Finally, McConnell’s advice is to show up to vote during the midterms. His quote, “The way these behaviors are adjusted is through the ballot box.”

What Senators and Representatives Have Said About Joe Bidens Resignation or Impeachment


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