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TAMPA, FL - AUGUST 31: Students at Hillsborough High School wait in line to have temperature checked before entering the building on August 31, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. The Hillsborough County Schools District gives their students the in-class learning option amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Shriner wants to bring the focus of the current court battle between Governor Ron Desantis and State Judge back to the source of the impact, our schools. He is mad that many people are politicizing the heated debate stating Governor Desantis is against wearing masks, but he is trying to give the parents power to choose. Some believe this is currently the rise we see in Covid-19 cases in schools—one such rise which is now affecting Pinellas County, causing a shortage of teachers and bus drivers. According to parents, 4/5 teachers at Country Side High School are absent, and there are not enough Substitutes to fill their roles.

Parents and teachers unions are identifying the shortage as a crisis because teachers are contracting Covid and needing quarantined. Over 200 teachers a day have been calling in sick, leaving School Administrators to pick up the slack. However, this is not enough as some classes without teachers leave students to sit in an auditorium with no guidance.  Slick believes they may be calling out intentionally, sitting on a recent experience with a Pinellas County teacher who said she would rather stay home and teach than return to school.

Currently, no Administrators Have Commented on the Shortage

How To Become a Pinellas County Substitute


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