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Melissa from Alabam writes to Dave Ramsey. She currently works for a big corporation for over 10 years, where she has moved up the ranks where she is now financially stable. However, the job takes a toll on her mental and physical health. Furthermore, she is grateful for her company’s opportunities, but she isn’t happy. Her husband currently has a side business he is running, and she is looking into an opportunity herself. She will be selling her rental home to cover a 1-year sabbatical to pursue these businesses. Her question is, is it worth all of this to be happy?

Ken Coleman answers her question that the steps they teach at Ramsey Solutions should keep you safe; assuming a sabbatical means you can return to your job as long as you don’t go backward in the plans from the baby steps; you’re going to fine. Ken feels this emotional. However, Dave cuts right through her emotional question with his answer. Happiness and wealth are not exclusive, and you can do both. Dave knows she is tired of her job, but she needs to suck it up until they can rely on the side businesses. Don’t burn yourself by selling out your assets just because you need a break.


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