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Edward Mills of McMaster University has brought forth excellent data of clinical trials of Ivermectin. Mills trials not only studied Ivermectin but half a dozen different drugs treating Covid-19. These trials were not for people so sick they were in critical condition but those whose symptoms weren’t that bad. Mills reported to the National Institutes of Health. Ivermectin had promising results against the virus in labwork but has yet to ace any human trials.

Mills also spoke of fluvoxamine, a serotonin inhibitor (antidepressant) with other effects, and showed exciting results during his report. 739 people were tested with fluvoxamine, with only 77 people ending up hospitalized. Versus 733 were tested with placebo, and 109 of them being hospitalized. This trial showed that antidepressants might lessen the symptoms of Covid-19. These results have yet to be peer-reviewed or officially published, but the Mills team believes success is inbound.

[Source Wired Better Data on Ivermectin is Finally On Its Way]

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