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Recently Biden has unleashed his plan to get the whole country vaccinated. This is through recent change to OSHA policy which requires companies of 100 or more employees to have mandatory vaccinations or weekly testing. Now we are seeing Republican Governors plan lawsuits against Bidens Vaccine Mandate.  Schnitt agrees that the country needs to be vaccinated. However, he knows there is going to be trouble doing it this way. Even the Republican National Convention (RNC) is pushing back, proposing their own federal lawsuits. The question is, are these mandates constitutional. Schnitt, who is pro-vaccine, sides with Republican Governors; this is a step too far.

The White House currently believes that its mandate will be enforced in the future. Schnitt explains that many Republican governors have already introduced their lawsuits. What the Governors are focusing on is the 100 or more employee factor. Schnitt states that most conservatives, while angry, know the President can mandate this for all federal workers. The argument the Governors are making is that enforcing these policies on private companies is over the reach of the Federal Government. Schnitt stands behind the private business; he believes it is ultimately up to them.

[Source National Law Review]

What Republicans Have Said to the Biden Administration Over  Vaccine Mandates


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