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Task Force Pineapple is a veteran-run mission that has had great success in rescuing the Afghan people during their current crisis. Furthermore, if Shriner had his way, they would make a Task Force Pineapple Movie. The Mission has earned its name from the way of marking people for extraction. Those in need of rescue would show an image of a ping background covered with pineapples on their phone. In the early stages of the operation, Task Force Pineapple could recover over 500 refugees in just a matter of a few days. During these operations, no military support was available as they were restrained to the Kabul Airport.

Shriner has been following this story closely, and he believes that this will make for a great movie with such remarkable success and daring. First, the amount of coordination was needed to make these operations was astounding; multiple calls and overwatch were needed to move families from safe zone to save zone. Secondly, the overall movement from safe zone to safe zone. Shriner admits that this isn’t just a “Based on a True Story” movie. It will be “ A True Story.”  Currently, Operation Task Force Pineapple maintains its operations in Afghanistan. Their latest report shows over 550 individuals marked safe and current plans to rescue over 70 individuals marked for death from the Taliban. In the last 10 days, over 800 people have been moved.

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