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Investor’s Edge with Gary Kaltbaum


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Aurora James attend The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City.

Gary has nothing personal for those who attended the Met Ball the other night. Furthermore, he doesn’t care for all the celebrities and their weird outfits; he doesn’t hold it against them. It’s a free country, and outside Halloween, you want to dress abnormal, go for it. However, we are supposed to hold our powerful to account. Gary has nothing against them, especially Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the Congresswoman from New York. However, he was not impressed with her choice of wardrobe. At the Met Gala, AOC chose to wear a dress that read in large red letters “Tax The Rich.” Gary is upset with her hypocrisy because the average ticket price for this event is $30,000, which doesn’t even get you a table to eat at.

However, it’s not just AOC’s hypocrisy that infuriates Gary, but of all the self-claimed Socialists that he has deemed Marxist. He doesn’t throw the term around very lightly either. Gary Breaks down that these people are Economic Marxists. They believe that your life will be better if they control every little detail of it. This control is through fees, fines, taxes, and regulations, but it never applies to them. They start by convincing a small number of the masses that their life will only be better because of them. Gary wants you to remember that Marxists and Socialists are that way with your money, not theirs.

Investor’s Edge with Gary Kaultbaum can be heard on weekdays on MoneyTalk 1010. Gary Kaltbaum is a registered investment advisor with more than 30 years of experience in the markets. He is the owner and president of Kaltbaum Capital Management, a financial investment advisory firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida. He is a Fox News Channel Business Contributor regularly appearing on Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network. In addition, Gary is the author of the book “The Investors Edge” and the host of a nationally syndicated radio show with the same title, “Investors Edge,” broadcast on numerous stations across the U.S. The show is also available on-demand and airs live 6-7 pm EST Monday-Friday. You can hear past shows online at

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