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Kayla is calling in from Indiana; she is pregnant and due shortly with her second son. She wants to start saving by following Dave Ramseys Baby Steps for Financial Success. She feels somewhat nervous about only having $1000 in the emergency funds and would save at least six months’ worth of savings.  Dave refers back to his advice when it comes to being pregnant, and that does not pay off any debt while you are pregnant if you can avoid it. However, you should be building your savings during this time, creating the most significant pile you can. Kayla is more worried about what could happen and wants to be prepared.

Christy Wright explains the money your building up during the pregnancy is to get the baby safely home. She further adds that when the baby is home and you have readjusted, that’s when you start back paying your debts. Christy states that you should be staying in step one until that moment. Dave adds that 99% of the world is predictable when the baby is there, and your emergency fund is for that 1%. Then, of course, when the baby arrives, they become food diapers and pediatrician bills, but that’s all a part of the budget. Kayla is worried about the unpaid maternity leave coming with it and asks if this is a good use of her savings. Dave refers back to what he said earlier that you should be saving as much as possible during your pregnancy that you use and budget with that.

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