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The media is completely ignoring the current administration, almost as if colluding with them. Gary is outright furious over the details about the bombing of the “alleged” ISIS personnel in Afghanistan. Recently Pentagon officials have released the report that it was a lie, and they did bomb a family in Afghanistan. There was silence after the attack, and Gary knew something was up because they would not come out and say who was in there. This silence was brought to you by the media as they never reported it. The total was seven children and a couple of bystanders in a “mistake.”

Gary has two reasons he brings this up and feels they are entirely legitimate in the grand scheme of things. First, if this were the prior administration, they would have already been outside the White House with picket signs and protests. Furthermore, the media would be on a tirade tearing into the former president. AS of now, the media is brazing over the White Houses’ little mistake. Gary believes the media is colluding with the Government to cover up the current state of affairs.

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