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IBIZA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 15: Richar Masias, who has a transplant, receives the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 on September 15, 2021 in Ibiza, Spain. Last week, Spain's health regulator approved the use of third Covid-19 vaccination shots for immunocompromised people, for whom the typical two-shot vaccination course might not offer sufficient protection. Countries around Europe are weighing the necessity of boosters to ensure

Schnitt has his hands on the latest report from the FDA who is skeptical of the proposed Covid Booster shot ahead of the critical Friday meeting from last week. The FDA is rejecting the Booster plan as of Friday, refusing to take any solid stance. Furthermore, this is in opposition to the Biden administration stating publicly that they back and suggest a third dose. Schnitt believes they jumped the gun ahead of the FDA and wants them all to be on the same page.  What is essential, Schnitt notes, is that there is nothing wrong with the booster; the FDA feels at this time there is no need for a booster shot. The plan for boosters was resoundingly objected to by the FDA committee, stating they need more data on them as a whole.

Schnitt clarifies there is no danger yet from the booster, but the booster may be coming with the weight being put on the world from the Israeli studies. Schnitt typically trusts the information out of Isreal due to their doctors and researchers running a superb operation there, both governmental and private sectors. So the Panel could eventually clear the shot for older populations. However, Scientists continue debating this even after their initial votes. They currently are sighting efficacy data and are mulling over research over the Pfizer two-shot dose against the Covid-19 variants. This decision about boosters is non-binding, meaning they can revote at a later time. However, the Biden administration is currently putting pressure on the FDA, claiming they want to put boosters out by the end of the week.

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