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You ever wonder why DJs don’t get a last show. Schnitt has some audio of the most spectacular way to quit and why they don’t let radio hosts do a previous show. He asks if you ever noticed that you might be following along to a particular host or DJ you like, or maybe even hate, and one day they are gone. Most likely, it’s a local guy or girl that you enjoy, but the station may move on or change formats. In this case, they don’t give the last show a chance because they could very well do what this Walmart employee did.

In Louisiana, a Walmart employee had had enough and decided that she would go out spectacularly. First, she got on the PA system and rolled a video of it to add a little spice to the situation. Next, according to Schnitt, she gives the big flying F-You, going over the painful details of her 5-year employment. Afterward, she starts calling out managers, slamming them for disrespecting their employees calling them replaceable. Next, she asked if they would even treat their families that way. Finally, she does end on a good not calling out to the friends she made along the way, letting them know she will miss them.


Here is the audio from the employee’s rant.



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