Investor’s Edge with Gary Kaltbaum


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Gary is upset with what he calls the “bad people” arguing over the debt ceiling. Republicans and Democrats on both sides are just scumbags, and they have been that way over the last few decades, claims Gary. They have spent almost 30 Trillion Dollars more than they were ever supposed to. That’s right, they weren’t even allowed to be doing that, yet they did. We used to balance the budgets, and for some reason, we have found it ok to blow past them, putting us into the deficits we are into today.  It started many years ago when they tipped the scale slightly, and then one by one thing added up, and we may never be able to recover.

Who’s to blame, you may ask. Gary mentions that people believed Bill Clinton to be this tremendous financial success when balancing the budget. But, no, it started with him and continued thru the subsequent few presidential eras. Even the former president, Donald Trump, had spending issues. Now the trifecta of nightmarish growth of government and debt is the culmination of the last three presidents. Gary encourages you to look and see the data is all there.