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Above & Beyond® by Blanco Cigars. This series, the first of a planned four, is called “Heroes”. It is a tribute to those that have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price in Civil Service (Police, Fire, EMS) and the Armed Forces. It is also the long-awaited rebranded blend that was used for the American Legion cigar. ALL the Heroes sizes are box-pressed torpedoes. We did this so that the secondary band on the head of the cigar could be cone-shaped as this is meant to symbolize the folded U.S. flag that all Heroes families are presented at the time they are laid to rest.

Shriner has David Blanco in from the  Blanco Cigar Company to give him a chance to promote his great product. Whether you are here visiting or a local looking for the smooth taste The company has been around since 1998 but the Blanco family has roots in the tobacco industry that trace back all the way to Cuba. They have a major event planned for Nov 6th called a HERF where you will have food , raffels and good times. No Cover Charge just RSVP on the website.

Family Owned and Operated

Since its founding in 1998 the business has been owned and operated by the family. Stateside by the Blancos. However their cousins the Plasencia family are in charge of the farming and manufactuiding. For over 80 years the Plasencia have grown tobacco becoming one of the preemenint tobacco families in all of the world. The cigars are produced in Nicuragua, but David Blanco guarantees their quality. He has been making cigars for over 22 years. His influence is more then on his own brand but over dozen other brands worldwide.

Who is David Blanco

David Blanco was born in Chicago and is apart of the first generation of Blancos in the United States. He served time as a deputy sheriff as well as a Fire/Paramedic for the City of Chicago. Furthermore he would spend over 30 years in the United Sates Army spending time overseas in Afghanistan and was their while his dad was serving in Iraq. He currently serves as a Commisioned Officer in the US Army Reserves.

Giving Back to Those Who Served

We plan on sharing the stories of many Heroes and the type of hero they were, as categorized by the name (size) of the cigar. There are four (4) types of heroes; Willing, Unwilling, Classic and Epic.

These cigars are available in 21 count wooden boxes and is emblematic of the 21 gun salute that ALL Heroes are honored with at their burial or memorial.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to identified organizations that assist families of the fallen and surviving service members.

See the Factory

How can a vacation be educational and fun? Well for 5-days and 4-nights you’ll travel deep into the heart of the cigar region of Nicaragua following the cigar from the time its planted to the time its rolled. The beginning cigar lover will learn the truth about what makes a quality cigar from its complexities and varieties to how to choose, cut, light, and enjoy a cigar. You will experience the tour reserved for the elite of the cigar world as we open the doors of the world’s top cigar factory to the public, available only through the Blanco Roll’n’Smoke Tour. You can book your tour by emailing rollandsmoketours@blancocigars.com.

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