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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

Carlos Curbelo Calls into Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

Shriner has former Representative Carlos Curbelo give his opinions on several topics sweeping the country.

The Problem We Face Right Now is Americans Have No Trust In the Government

Citing the immigration problem at the border, Curbelo says that Americans are currently losing trust in the government. It’s demoralizing Americans because we can not get a handle on it. Furthermore, we are taking on added issues with the Afghan refugees. The gross mishandling of both issues is not helping build the Average American’s confidence in the current administration.

We Need To Help Those Who Helped Us During the Afghanistan War

Curbelo wants people to come to the country, but he wants them to be vetted. He is very accepting of the Afghan people and immigrants, but he cares for the safety of the United States. Curbelo believes there will be a challenge vetting because we didn’t keep good records on those who helped us. If we would of orderly and competently withdrawn from Afghanistan, we could have aided them better than we did now, states Curbelo.

Current State of the Border And Immigration

Shriner ask Curbelo about his stance on the process of becoming an American Citizen. Curbelo says that generally, after 5 years, you are a permanent resident, and then 5 years later, you become a citizen.  Without the administration admitting there is a problem, nothing will be done. Curbelo sites President Biden’s remarks during the 2020 campaign that he was going to get rid of the Trump Era policies and that sent messages all over the Americas that it was going to be free access from the southern border.

Who is Carlos Curbelo

Son of Cuban immigrants Carlos and Teresita Curbelo graduated with both a BA and Masters in Public Administration from the University of Miami. Before serving as a Representative for the 26th District of Florida, he was an active board member for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. During his first run in 2014, he beat incumbent Joe Garcia (D) and would win again against Joe Garcia in the follow-up election.

In one of the most highly contested elections of 2018, we would see Curbelo lose the seat to Debbie Mucarsel-Powell by less than 2% of the voter margin. Sources site that The Democratic Party outspent Carlos as they funneled money into Hillary Clinton’s district during the 2016 election.

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