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Observing some of the latest news Schnitt remarks about a CNN reporter on the border. The reporter is commenting on the massive wave of Haitians that were swarming the border.  Mexico was attempting to crack down on the massive migration from the Haitians. Schnitt wonders why it’s taken Mexico so long to do anything. Schnitt gives credit that it’s not all Mexico as people are bussing them in from South America. However, Schnitt claims that Mexico is happy to get rid of them somewhere other than Mexico.

Going to the reporter’s comments, Schnitt opens up to see what they could say on the issue. The reporter claims that in the short time he’s been there, Mexico has made drastic changes to what is happening. When he reported yesterday, he remembers watching people cross back and forth with no challenge. Furthermore, he recalls there being a rope tied to aid in the crossing. The reporter claims they are just coming back and forth for supplies as the US is not providing them any. The reporter claims that Mexico is providing support by stationing Mexican Army Officials on the border.

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