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There is nothing like throwing your team under the bus, Schnitt says, referring to the recent comments from Joe Biden. President Biden has promised course action against the border patrol agents in the now-infamous photo of them chasing illegal immigrants on horseback. Schnitt finds it downright disgusting and dangerous, and it’s no better than when Trump did the say thing. Biden is acting just as bad as Trump, and he needs to be called out on it, says Schnitt.

Furthermore, Schnitt says there is a lack of action from the current President. President Bident failed to answer worthwhile when asked about the Border Crisis. There has been a lack of communication from President Biden as he also failed to mention the camp’s removal from under the Del Rio Bridge. The question now Schnitt asks is where did we put everyone.  Schnitt knows some have received flights to neighboring states, but that is only a tiny fraction of them. Stories are coming out of finding more and more Haitians getting past Border Patrol and being found in local areas awaiting rides out of there. Currently, Biden either still has no answer for this or is refusing to answer.

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