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Siting the recent article Shriner posted about Rick Kriseman and his vaccine mandates, Content Creator Slick wants to know how this will affect those who can’t get the vaccine. Slick believes that Kriseman is putting pressure on un-vaccinated patients by offering benefits to those who catch Covid-19 while being vaccinated. Shriner and slick both mention they know someone unable to get it due to medical reasons. Shriner believes there will be an appeal, but nothing has been said. Slick states that this is discrimination against a medical disability which then violates the American Disability Act.

Siting his time working at a theme park, Slick remembers the policy which denied him asking about people’s disabilities. Slick asked Shriner to explain to him when a mandate became more potent than actual laws. Shriner explains that mandates are temporary laws to be executed during any State of Emergency. They are supposed to be limited by time. While both are enforceable by the police, the governing power can override the legislative process for this short period. Slick doesn’t like the mandates because it seems the period is constantly on the move. Shriner sites the Hillsborough County Shifting their State of Emergency and the Evection Moratorium. Slick gets there is a window to reassess, but it needs to be justified and voted on.

Governors Who Have Recently Enacted Mandates

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