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It’s an odd story on the intersection of Covid-19, whether real or not, and the first amendment. A Wisconsin teenager won a lawsuit from Friday against a local Sheriff’s Deputy. The Deputy in question threatened to arrest the teen unless she removed a post she made on social media. The post was in regards to Covid-19. US District Judge Brett Ludwig ruled in favor of the teen, saying that the teen’s free speech rights were violated. This violation was when the Deputy demanded that she remove these posts that claimed she had Covid-19. Ludwig says that people can make claims on any social media outlet.

The teen made a series of posts last spring on Instagram, some showing her in an oxygen mask and while in a hospital bed. She wrote “Winning the fight with Covid-19” and “I won’t be back for a while a little while longer due to the Covid-19 Virus.” According to the lawsuit, she tested negative but displayed symptoms of COvid-19. The teen’s family was instructed that she may have missed the timeframe where a positive would have shown up on the test. Things went wrong when the Deputy was sent to tell the teen that she would be arrested for disorderly conduct and arrest charges. The claim was she was causing unrest in the local high school.


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