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Shriner has wanted to cover the mRNA type of vaccines. He has been following MRNA for a bit and has been in use for quite a while; for many different things. However, the Covid-19 MRNA is the first time MRNA has been used on the general public. It has been studied for over 20 years in labs. Currently, there are five types of viruses that have had the MRNA trial used on them: rabies, Zika, Cyto Megalo Virus  (Herpes Strain), Covid, and the Flu. The Flu, Shriner adds itself, is a type of Corona Virus.

Although all these mRNA vaccines have been studied in general recently, the technology has had its breakthrough. Only in 1990 was the first animal use successful. Furthermore, Shriner adds that it is odd that the creator of the mRNA Robert Malone is currently under fire for coming out against his creation. Robert Malone cites the instability of the technology as his reason against it. This query has led Shriner deeper down new rabbit holes than he ever expected to go.

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