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Anna from Cleavland is calling from Ohio to talk to the guys on the Dave Ramsey Show. She is in a very unique situation after graduating college, she wasn’t able to find an internship due to Coivd but even worse she has a felony charge against her. She has not been convicted. According to Anna, she left a domestic abuse situation but her Ex fabricated a story about her. She is currently applying to many jobs but is worried about how the new companies will perceive her.

The guys are proud of her and encourage her strength in leaving the situation she was in. Unfortunately, they add we live in a world where anyone can log any information like hers and we have to rely on the process. Firstly, 99% of the time they will ask if you have ever been convicted of a felony. In her situation, she has not been convicted just charged and is awaiting the process. Secondly, if they ask if she has been charged the guys recommend that she be honest with them if she feels comfortable. Furthermore, Anna adds that she is still in the investigation pre-trial. The guys suggest still putting herself out there but be honest during the process.


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