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Shriner is shocked that this story got by him as 15 students were arrested after a peaceful protest in Kathleen, Florida. But, unfortunately, a protest over the newest principal Daraford Jones, and his recent actions turned rowdy. Enough to have Polk County Deputies show up and arrest the teens. Some of the principal’s policies were regarding homecoming and how students stayed separated during the dance and locked students out of class a minute post to the bell ringing. Shriner believes some of these rules to be outrageous, citing the dancing rule as some of his fondest memories are of dances.

Polk County Deputies were called to the school, where 15 arrests were made. The reason cited was ‘it interfered with the school’s ability to operate. Of the 15, 12 students were charged with disrupting a school function and resisting an officer without violence. One has an added charge of providing a false name to an officer, another possession of a weapon on campus, and 2 were charged with affray. The weapon has yet to be confirmed. On Tuesday, there was a police presence added to the school.

The students have an ally in their cause in Social Studies teacher Tomaris Hill, who was there with them Monday morning during the protest. Hill is outspoken one of the few teachers very outspoken about the current rules. He would rather have a student in class for 49/50 minutes than not at all.   He organized the protest by texting out to the students, telling them where to organize. The students held signs reading ‘Jones gotta go’ and ‘We are students, not inmates.’

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