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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

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Pat and Shriner have had a bet on how many hurricanes will be named this year. Currently, as of right now, Pat George has lost. The chance was as follows: If the names of the formed hurricanes didn’t get to Wanda, Shriner was going to have to pay for Pat Georges and Slicks Friday tab at Vallarta’s; If the names of the hurricanes went past Wanda, Pat has to take Shriner and Slick out to the Mozzaros.

Shriner is stoked since he never usually wins bets but this one has finally given him the Win he needed. Only in October do we have enough tropical storms left to finish off this just up to the tie which is Wanda. Pat has already conceded defeat and will be buying the team lunch.


Shriners Lunch of Champions

Shriner wants something with a lot of meat and sauteed onions and Mozzaros has that for him. Their stake and cheese is smothered and covered with peppers and onions, just enough to make you hate yourself for enjoying something so delicious.

Pat George’s Pick

What would an Italian Market be without the signature Italian Sub? This sub is served cold is a fan favorite of the restaurant with its thin sliced tomato and red onions packed with pepperoni and salami.

And what’s a little lunch without dessert. Just looking through Mozzaros facebook Pat came across this Cookie Sandwich. Two cookies with whipped cream and chocolate chips in the center that is larger then it looks.

Slick’s Order

Slick is excited to get an authentic meatball sub from the market. Most people have a hard time finishing just half and they resort to eating the other for dinner. Taking that challenge he plans on doing it in one sitting and probably skipping desert.




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