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Zach is calling in from Georgia, and he’s got a couple of issues happening to him right now. Zach is currently an electrician but it’s been hard to make consistent money due to the pandemic. This being said it’s been even harder to clear out some of his remaining debts. Now Zach has a budget but his real issue is sticking to the budget. He currently has $8,000 left in debt to be paid off but has given up some of the things he holds precious to him like his truck. Furthermore, he’s even got a baby on the way. What he is troubled with is budgeting with cash he doesn’t have on hand yet.

Dave tells him to break it down like a trip to the grocery store. If you are not borrowing money then that means your using your debit card and this is coming directly from your checking account. So to help you with this Dave suggests taking the money from the checking account out and putting it in an envelope. This way you’re using the money that you preplanned to spend for the grocery items you needed. Zach says that when it comes time to pay other bills though he doesn’t have any left to pay these bills. Dave tells him that his system is flawed from the get-go and needs to be reevaluated. It takes self-control but breaking down each individual category’s expense and in the envelope system keeps you from overspending and wiping out the budgets for other things.

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