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The Supreme Court and its new session could be landmark breaking. It is potentially one of the most significant sessions in decades. The new 9-month term has been started, and there are cases on abortion, religion, gun rights, and more all on the docket. In addition, this is the first time in over 18 months that the supreme court has met due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

However, the story here is Justice Brett Kavanaugh was recently diagnosed with Covid-19. He is currently still out but participating remotely until he is free and clear of the disease. Furthermore, Kavanaugh remains symptom-free. Schnitt s more worried about how some of the country is handling this, though. Schnitt believes that many liberals and democrats are hoping that Kavanaugh would die from this. Thus, giving a chance for Biden to appoint his pick to the seat and push his agendas through.

Schnitt believes this is sick and twisted. Unfortunately, there have been Kavanaugh haters from the start who wish ill will to the Justice that his case would turn for the absolute worse. Bleak depictions have been posted through social media outlets wishing for the worst for him.

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