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These Millionaire Stats Make People SO ANGRY! - Dave Ramsey Rant

These Millionaire Stats Make People SO ANGRY! - Dave Ramsey RantNix the guesswork and scrolling. We'll connect you with investment pros we trust: https://bit...

Ken and Dave are discussing a study they did on the millionaires in America. They asked where they came from, how’d they make their money, was it inherited, what they thought about, and so on. They wanted to find a common factor associated with those whose net worth is $1,000,000. Dave explains that millionaires are not people with fancy jets or private cars; it’s a lot of money but not as much as some would think. From this study, they found they came from the top 10 career fields. The most often careers were Engineers, Accountants, CPA’s, Management, Attorney was the top 5 career fields. However, surprisingly in the top 10 were teachers.

After posting the results to their social media, Dave is surprised to see what he believes is how dumb some people really are. So people were very insistent in arguing the data that Dave says they would argue the sun isn’t hot to do it. Ken Explains it’s not the salary that made them worth $1 Million. It’s the way they live. They all saved and invested, and that’s what the people arguing on Facebook have missed. Dave breaks down the common factor for the people’s jobs in the study and says that they all work by a process. Teachers have a lesson plan, engineers have building plans, and lawyers have the law. They then apply this to how they live. They put the plan in motion to spend less they make, and before they know it, they have saved up and invested their way to millionaire status.

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