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Shriner has brought in 1010’s resident National Guard Expert Slick to talk about stories of Governors using them to replace work shortages again. For example, recently, New York Governor Kathy Hochul instituted a vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers. This has caused a mass shortage of more than just nurses and doctors across the state. What is Gov. Hochul’s plan to fix all of this? Call in the National Guard to cover her mandate’s repercussions. Apart from Slicks’ issues with mandates, he feels that this is not the band-aid New York needs to solve its problems.

Slick breaks it down that many Guardsmen already work in the health care field and may already be exempt from doing this. However, many don’t. Therefore, issuing a state of emergency to fill the needed vacancies now opens vacancies in the fields these Guardsmen already fill. Added to this is the pause they have to put on their lives and careers to answer the call. It is punishing the people who serve their state because of a plan not well thought out.

There is a correlation to these issues across the country in primarily dark blue states. For example, California has considered activating its National Guard to cope with the build-up of cargo ships that have been blocked from entering port until workers are available to offload them. Shriner mentions that what these two states do has profound implications across the country. They tend to help sway the choices of other Democratic states to uphold the same policies.


Governors Who Have Recently Enacted Mandates

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