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Taking a break from the debt ceiling talks, Schnitt wants to know what was up with this white stain on Joe Biden’s lip. Schnitt believes it to be his lunch remains leftover on his face. Biden was presenting the Build Back Better Plan again at the White House. During this conference, he discussed whit the debt ceiling needed to be raised and other issues holding up the bill. However, during the entire conference, Biden had this piece of food on his lower lip.

Schnitt took a video of this and provided his own play-by-play of the entire incident.


Schnitt believes that someone said something to Joe Biden at some point because he eventually starts trying to suck it in. It was a comedy of epic proportions as he tried this, and ultimately, he gave up. Then, he smeared it all around into his sports coat. Schnitt believes it to be a metaphor for wiping away the debt ceiling.

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