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Travis is from Kentucky and has a quick question for Dave today. With the state of the world today, he wants Daves life advice on whether he should pull his kids from public school and put them in Private School.

Dave tells him that he needs to make sure he can afford it financially. But, it is an emotional choice that can feel like it has to happen right now. People will sometimes get wrapped up in it, saying it’s worth any amount of money, and then throw themselves into debt.

Ken Colman gets down to the nitty-gritty with Travis, and that is, can he afford to send his kids there. Travis says that he believes so but also adds to his question. His Wife will be transitioning to the same school, but it won’t be a full-time position. Eventually, she will get the chance to be a full-timer and get 50% off tuition rates. Dave interjects and states that 50% of too much is still too much.

Travis says he believes his wife will make the payments even though his Wife will make 15,000$ less. The guys suggest that she must take a second job if she moves to a private school to help with the tuition.


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