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Johnathan from Califonia is calling in because he has gotten himself in a bit of trouble. He is currently $45,000 in debt, mainly through student loans, but the real issue is finding work. Johnathan interviews well and gets plenty of offers, but they run a background check and find his criminal history. He has no significant felonies, just domestic violence misdemeanors. Johnathan is currently on probation, and it will end in December.

Ken Coleman, Ramsey Solutions’ subject matter expert in hiring, has excellent news for Johnathan because he has information that will help him. So many jobs are hiring and being less strict due to the worker shortage, so there is a chance. Ken recommends that Johnathan be forefront about his conviction. Ken recommends for certain convictions like his domestic violence one, that he seek out a counselor and take counseling. From here he could have them write a letter of recommendation showing Johnathan’s willingness to improve. the final advice is just, to be honest.


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