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Schnitt knows there is going to be trouble for the mid-term elections. The Department of Energy has decided not to take action on the gas price surge that is sweeping America. Schnitt knows this will destroy the Democrats because the cost of fuel affects the cost of everything. Mid-terms are approaching quickly, and Iowa, for example, proves that change is on the horizon. They saw a long-standing Democrat Seat turn red.

However, the cost of gas is significant with democrats, and it’s not because they want to lower it. This makes it easier to push their electric car initiative. Democrats believe people will fall in line and be on board with this because of climate change. But guess what Schnitt says: We are not there! The current administration can make big plans all they want, but the technology and oil needs will not be ready by the timeline they set out of 2035.

The primary logistical issue electric vehicles are seeing is the charging system. Not every state has a spot to charge the newer models of cars. This could complicate many road trips adding unneeded time to travel just to cross states. Plus, the Horsepower they produce is not enough to supply major modes of transportation that supply the country. Although planes, trains, and trucks are the lifeblood of America, the amount of energy to effectively run them is not enough produced by electric motors.

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