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Shriner has a video he recently came across that has since become viral. The video is a woman explaining that people look down on her husband because he went to trade school. However, they eventually find out that he makes even more money than her despite having only a high school diploma.

In the audio, she starts off by responding to a comment about how America needs to change its view of trade schools versus college. She takes her husband to many different reunions from college and high school and when she introduces her husband they go to shake his hand. When they find out he is not college-educated they pull their hand back quickly. From her viewpoint with her Master’s Degree, if you didn’t go to a college that does not make you a loser especially when there are people who never went making more money than her.

Shriner agrees with her as he knows many people that are not college-educated that are very successful. Some are business owners and entrepreneurs and some are even masters of their trade. The woman and her husband are featured in a Prager U mini-documentary.

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