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Shriner has recently come across one of the infamous stickers making waves on the internet. Joe Biden points and says, “I did this!” and can usually be found directed at the gas price on a pump. Social media has been ablaze with them as the prices skyrocket to highs never seen before. Just in the St. Pete area, prices have rocketed up to $3.30 per gallon.

Shriner thought it was funny when he saw it and remembered seeing it on social media when his friend posted the same image. Facebook’s independent fact-checkers then fact-checked the image for the truth. The policies that Biden has emplaced have created this rise, but those Fact-Checkers would have you believe otherwise. They claimed it was false, and they stated the reason as Rising Gas Prices are from High Demand and Low Supply. Shriner asked the question that didn’t Joe Biden reduce our need for oil with his policies? So that would mean demand is low right? Not according to Facebook.

America has more access to oil than countries we export from, claims Shriner. But those fact-checkers are adamant it’s not Uncle Joe’s fault.

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